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Cartridge Automatic Oven
  • Suitable for heat stability continuous test of polymer material like plastic/PVC, etc.
  • Provide thermostatic test environment with high stability.
  • Humanized operation.
  • Touch screen
  • Temperature controlling system: Adopt P.I.D. controller with high accuracy to secure temperature controlling stability & accuracy.
  • Manually set static pr-heating time and dynamic continuous test time.
  • Dynamic baking function of automatically changing to continuously move out from static pre-heating state.
  • While pushing MOVE OUT key and STOP key, test will immediately stop and fast move out the test material tray.
Cartridge Automatic Oven
片狀試片測試 條狀試片測試 條狀試片測試(3種材料)
Quantity and size of test material
Strip shape: 8pcs ( 18mm W x 270mm L)
Sheet shape: 1pc (215mm W x 270mm L)
Selection of pre-heating time
1s – 99min
Multi-range selection of
continuous test time
30s – 32 days
Range of temperature
Max. 300°C
220V x 50 / 60Hz x 1Phase
Heating system
Size of machine
750mm (L) x 530mm (W) x 630mm (H)
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