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Oil heating type/Water cooling
  • It's suitable for static test of polymer material like plastic/PVC, etc.
  • Humanized operation
  • Temperature controlling system: Adopt P.I.D. controller with high accuracy & multi-function coordinating various protecting system to secure temperature controlling stability & accuracy.
  • Drilled hot plate type circuit design secures even spread of temperature, temperature accuracy at ± 2°C and its surface is hard chrome plated.
  • Heating type: Oil heating type. Max. temperature used: 250°C.
  • Cooling type: Water cooling type, selection of time -> 1 min – 99 min.
  • Low pressure pre-heating mode: Selection of low pressure pre-heating time ->1s – 999s. Selection of exhaust -> ON/OFF
  • Pressurizing type: Oil pressure type, high / low pressure design, automatically compensating pressure.
  • Controlling system: PLC control
  • ◎ Automatic operation: Set temperature-> Stand by -> Push "AUTO" -> Up -> Mould close -> Low pressure pre-heating -> Low pressure timing -> Time is up -> Mould open -> Down -> Exhaust -> Up -> Mould close -> High pressure timing -> Retain pressure -> Time is up -> Water cooling (automatically close the heating system) -> Timing -> Retain pressure -> Time is up -> Mould open -> Down -> Alarm -> Automatic operation completed
Oil heating type / Water cooling
Max. load
Hot plate
350mm (W) x 350mm (L) x 60mm (T) ( Drilled hot plate)
Number of layer of hot press
1 layer
Cylinder travel
Max. 175kg/cm
220V/380V x 60Hz / 50Hz x 3phase
Size of machine
1700mm (L) x 700mm (W) x 1500mm (H)
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